Banding Questions

We have had several questions about the method of banding the falcons and procedure for doing so. What agency uses what bands? Color coded? Plain silver colors? Use of one leg for female – ie, left leg for the colored band – and the other leg, in this example the right leg, for a male. Here is but one comment that we have had. Maybe we need to have the sponsoring agency hold a short, but informative, Question and Answer Session for those interested.

The bands are as follows:

The males are:
85/B on Left leg with FWS band covered with Blue Tape (temporarily).
61/D on Right leg with FWS band covered with Yellow Tape.

The females are:
51/Z on Left leg with FWS band covered with Red Tape.
50/R on Right leg with no tape on FWS band so it is silver in color.

Captured from the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group’s live webcam stream.

Now we know why people asked about the tape wearing off …
Glenn Stewart did the banding; Glen Nevill took photos.
Seems there are all kinds of bands available – most F & G bands are ‘silver’
Some use colored tape; some use plastic colored bands in addition to the metal bands- which leads me to speculate there is no uniform procedural method through-out the bird banding realm. Must still be in the best-practices formalization stages – no specific leg for gender, R or L, numerical system with a capitol letter is rather random – or there have been more males than females overall, historically by chronology of numbers.

My two cents – this is the first time I remember that they have actually released the band ID information.

Just some information and questions about the process of ID’ing the falcons, and banding in general. 


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  1. Since I can no longer find the 'edit' factor … Both Glenn Stewart and Glenn Nevill have two 'n's in Glenn.The Idaho Fish and Game is part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, now renamed the National Biological Service under the Department of the Interior – National Geological Service. These San Francisco bands are FWS = Federal Wildlife Service.just a little google search – but the procedural method is not described anywhere that I could find.


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