Boise Falcon Egg Information

I just received this information from the Peregrine Fund in Boise. It confirms our post from yesterday about seeing the peregrine egg. There may be more than one, but the camera angle does not let us see the full scrape. The camera angle and view really should be checked and confirmed before going online. That to me would be logical. Oh well, maybe next time.

Finally, our long wait is over! Based on their behavior since late last week, the pair has produced one or more eggs. We can’t be sure how many eggs because the female laid them in the scrape located in the one small portion of the nest box that cannot be seen entirely on the webcam.

In past years, the birds have produced four eggs, which is typical for Peregrine Falcons. Both of the adults will share incubation duties, with female on the eggs at night and the male assisting during the day. Occasionally, the eggs may be left alone for short periods, but one of the birds will always be nearby keeping a close watch over them.

They will incubate the eggs for about a month.

We can probably be looking for the “white fluff balls” on or about May 27, the Memorial Day Observed weekend. Full of fireworks, people, parades and noise. If one of the birds, or both for that matter, are away from the scrape, you may be able to see them on one of their historical “guard posts” on the Banner Bank, the Key Bank or on the Idanha Hotel.  Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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