Boise Peregrine Update

Here is the latest news about the Boise Downtown Peregrine Falcons from the Peregrine Fund. All seems to be well.

“The eggs are now about two weeks old and everything appears to be progressing as expected. The male spends a considerable amount of time assisting the female with incubation during the day. With a body temperature of 104 degrees, the adults are able to keep the eggs toasty warm, even on chilly spring nights.

Some viewers are having trouble telling the male and female apart. It is indeed difficult to discern unless the birds are standing side by side. In that case, the female will be noticeably larger than the male. This characteristic is called “reverse sexual dimorphism” and applies to most birds of prey. Also, the colors of a female’s feathers are slightly duller than a male’s but that is hard to see on the webcam. Perhaps the best way to tell the difference between these two birds is by the markings on their heads. The male has more white showing on the sides, while the female’s head appears more solidly black.”

And if you are following the Salt Lake City falcons, news is they are patiently waiting for the eggs to hatch. It seems that the parents are “talking” to the eggs. A good sign. Keep Looking Up!


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