Boise Falcons

At about 9:30 this morning, the teircel was sitting on the scrape. The female flew in; he left. Three eggs were clearly visible. Good to see that they are sharing their parental duties without much of a hassle. Keep Looking Up! It won’t be long now.

And as a side note, the Boise River is now down to 1570cfs, down from 8400cfs not long ago, and 6.96 feet. Maybe there will be some “action” at the Kayak Park this weekend. Check the cam in the sidebar, Boise River Recreation Park. And from that web site, “… Two temporary parking lots have been developed near the Boise River Recreation Park. Now, access the park from Pleasanton Avenue. Park behind Idaho River Sports or another lot between that and the pedestrian bridge over the Boise River.” This photo was taken at about 10:45 this morning. You can really see how they can control the rapids and the waves.


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