When Will Hatching Start in Boise?

The white banded tiercel (male) from the 2011 season that had to be
 “rescued” from the ground at fledging.

Question is: When will hatching start in Boise with the downtown peregrines? Here is some information from Anna Ravegum Taaffe that she posted on her Urban Peregrine site.

“Should be any day now, if our observations and calculations are right. A great deal of the new pair’s activity has been off-camera, thus making it a bit difficult to completely ascertain what was happening when. Only very recently have we seen 3 normal-looking eggs. Currently, the dutiful tiercel is brooding. Again, given the apparent youth of this new pair, especially the falcon, all we can hope for is a healthy clutch. 

There are no thermal pads under the box to give us temperatures, the only close view of the scrape is on one camera, and no one ever interferes with them. The conduct on the part of this new pair does put my mind at ease. Their behaviour indicates a rosy future in terms of their own bond, and the care they will give their offspring. Once such offspring are ready to fledge, my cracker squad of monitors will be on-site from sun-up to sundown. 

We have had a 100% survival success rate for the past two years owing to our diligence, during the run of the monitoring. A more normal rate is 70% at best, and even that’s very optimistic. Sadly, fatalities happen on a very regular basis. Peregrines get shot out of the sky, as happened to Santa Cruz last Summer, and we had our own terrible losses last year. Our last fledge, a troubled female, broke herself into bits against the side of the glass Wells Fargo building next door one day soon after the project had wrapped up, and had to be put down. Worse yet, our magnificent falcon perished on her way South, apparently having hit something, according to the report from Patuxent. The remaining tiercel, her mate for years, tried to reclaim this box upon his return this Spring, but, failed, surprisingly. Too bad you missed the fantastic aerobatic dogfights! I have to say, I felt bad for him, and will do what I can to find out where he may have wound up.

So, now we have a happy new pair, and we must patiently await what they will, or won’t, do. It’s not up to us. Barring necessary rescues, or banding, we have no direct involvement with these wild birds. As to the public, interfering with wildlife, and hindering relevant staff from doing their jobs, is a felony. Any indication of such behaviour, including harassment of anyone affiliated with this project, will be dealt with very vigourously. I hear, and see, everything. These birds are as safe as is possible.”

Keep Looking Up! It won’t be long now.


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