Intruder At The Boise Scrape

An exciting evening. At about 1750 MDT we received a call that said, “Something flew into the box and the Mother killed it. Was it another falcon?” Probably not another peregrine. Way too “dangerous” for that. We checked the camera and the female was eating something on the east side of the box. The eyasses were inside and they looked fine. I went downtown and stopped at the area just below the scrape. The wing portion that is pictured here was on the ground. It looks fresh. If, in fact, it is the remains of the “intruder”, it appears to be a pigeon. I then went over to the top floor of the Eastman Parking Garage and took the following photos of the tiercel, who flew in from the east. Robin and Margaret kept watching via the falcon cam in the event I needed help. Even  this early, the Falcon Watch Team is diligent and alert. Enjoy and Keep Looking Up!

The wing part I found on the ground just below the box. It appears to be fresh.

The tiercel (male) is headed back to the scrape and on patrol.

He circled the scrape and was calling to the falcon (female). He circled three times and was satisfied that everything was OK.

He then flew over to the Banner Bank building, north of the box but still in view of the box, and settled on the Southeast corner, a favorite spot.


One comment

  1. Pigeons sometimes blunder into that box. I call it delivery. All PEFA related calls, esp, regarding that box, are to go to IDFG, which means me, & that #'s not being posted as yet. The eyasses are perfectly safe up there. There'll be enough to worry about down the road, & that's when my # will be released to the public. Until then, we can amuse ourselves watching this new family evolve. I am very pleased with how well things are going in the scrape – there is absolutely no cause for concern, nor drama.


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