Boise "Fuzzies" Doing Fine; Downy Woodpecker

All is quiet at the Boise Scrape. The eyasses seem to be growing rapidly and they are starting to “walk” – more like “waddle” – across the floor of the hack box. Their white down is quickly changing to dark feathers. Fledge time? Probably still around July 4th. Not far away. As I was waiting to see the “Fuzzies”, I saw this Downy Woodpecker in our front yard. These birds are so awesome. Enjoy!



  1. My family is moving back to Boise at the beginning of July. I get to be an Idaho birder again! And I should be in time to attend the hummingbird banding in Pearl…depending on which weekend they do it as I'll be in Oregon the first weekend of August and Arizona the second weekend.


  2. Welcome back, Robert! You'll be able to see the Boise falcons fledge and the Wave Maker at the Boise River Recreation Park. Yea! I don't know when the banding will occur, but hopefully you'll let Debbie know and she will put you on the list.


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