Boise Fluff Balls Are Doing Fine

City of Boise sunset.

Our little fluff balls are at the scrape and enjoying the coolness of the Boise evening. And this is the scene that they are looking at. Beautiful sunset taken by the new IBeam security camera.
The eyasses are starting to get some dark feathers and they are very inquisitive. They have a tendency to look at the camera that is in the scrape, but the scrape camera is not even close to the definition of this camera. Maybe someday. But for now, enjoy these screen captures. I will have to give R o b i n a short lesson on how to operate this camera. Maybe the rest of the crew also. Remote camera operation is not rocket science, just common sense. And by all means, Keep Looking Up!



  1. In the past you bashed ibeam for their quality, and now,.,,perfect! and now, the pf cam, would love to see you fork out the money for these cams,,or maybe since you think that you are the end all and be all, you can start your own isp,,,you aint S%@T!!!! (Moderated: Forwarded, Copied, Reported)


  2. Sorry to see that you have to take such abuse. You and Robin do a great job in keeping everyone informed. That comment could be considered cyber bullying. Something for that person to consider.


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