Boise Eyasses – The Latest

Here is the latest update on the Boise eyasses from the Peregrine Fund.

Now almost a month old, the chicks are quickly gaining strength and showing their grown-up feathers. This is nail-biting time for webcam watchers because the chicks are walking up to the edge of the nest box, causing many people to fear that the young birds will fall out. Though that is a remote possibility, the chicks are simply doing what comes naturally. Their instinct is to fly and so, like toddlers learning to walk, they must test their limits – even as webcam watchers cringe.

In past years, the chicks have been banded when they are about three weeks old. This year, the Idaho Fish and Game Department decided not to band them in the nest because of the significant disturbance to the chicks and parents and the safety risk to the banders. With a low rate of band returns over the years for this project, there is little motivation from a research standpoint. If any young are found on the ground during fledging, however, Fish and Game will band them before returning them quickly and safely to the top of One Capital Center. A fledge-watch team will be ready to assist any fledglings that land on the ground or in an unsafe area.

The chicks will be ready to leave the nest in another couple of weeks. To keep them healthy and strong, both adult falcons are now hunting hard to supply enough food for their quickly growing offspring.


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