Eyasses Take A Hike!

At about 1955 tonight, we saw that at least two of the eyasses were out of the box and “exploring” the ledge. As you can see from this photo, they definitely do not have flight feathers nor are they in any way strong enough to do any flying. They are, however, exercising their wings, which, if you see them doing that, look huge. We spent the better part of three hours watching this event both in person and via the falcon cam or on IBeam.

It sure is nice to have someone monitoring the different cameras while we are “on the ground” watching from downtown. And thank goodness for texting so information can be delivered quickly and accurately. A great team effort! We finished up at about 2130 or so. Yes, it was still light enough to see. Enjoy these photos of the eyasses. The first some of you may have seen. Keep Looking Up! 

Bob is watching the falcons from the Eastman Parking Garage. Here he is photographing the eyasses. (Robin Young via IBeam)

Two Fluff Balls on the ledge. Let’s not flap those wings too hard.

The male stands guard on one corner of the building, while ……

the female is guarding from the other corner.


One comment

  1. Fun time last PM, huh? Keeping an eye on things this morning. Thanks a MIL for being on the ball last PM, & it was great to see you. Having Robin at the cameras is an immeasurable help! Go Robin!


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