Red-Tailed Hawks High Overhead

While Robin and I were sitting out in our backyard trying to keep cool, we kept hearing a sharp and rather high pitched pweee …. pweee. Robin looked up through the trees and saw two juvenile Red-Tailed Hawks (Swainson’s Hawks. See Note below.) soaring very high above us and it looked like over the garden at 19th and Jefferson Streets and moving slightly east. I have seen several times, adult Red-Tails flying north of us. Time for he camera. Here are the photos I caught. Enjoy and Keep Looking Up!
Note: Actually, these were Swainsons Hawks as ID’d by SeEtta Moss. Thanks for the correction!

The Boise downtown Peregrine eyasses are doing just fine and staying huddled up against the wall of the 14th floor, where it is cool. They are out of camera sight.


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