Boise Falcons Update

Here is the latest information from the World Center For Birds of Prey – The Peregrine Fund about the Boise Downtown Falcons.

The chicks are spending more and more time out on the ledge as they prepare to fledge. Peregrine Falcons generally fledge about five to six weeks after hatching, so we are likely to see the chicks take to the skies anytime now. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has a fledge-watch team keeping a close eye on the young birds and preparing to rescue them if they land in a dangerous spot. These chicks are fortunate to have human assistance; in the wild, more than half of all fledglings do not survive their first year, succumbing to predators, weather, and injuries.

From the mailbag:
Is there a camera outside the nest box that gives a view of the ledge?
Fiberpipe does have an outside camera but reports that a recent windstorm apparently knocked it askew. The camera now faces the wrong direction. A crew cannot go up to the ledge to turn it around because the presence of people might scare the young birds and cause them to fledge prematurely.

Now that it is getting so hot, how do the chicks get water?
The young ones are getting enough moisture from the meat they eat. After fledging, they may drink water occasionally to supplement what they get through food.

Do the adults generally have only one brood each year, or might they have another?
If a nest fails for some reason, adults might try a second time. But these adults have been highly successful, thanks to more than a half-year of work devoted to raising a family. And their duties are not yet done. The adults will continue to feed and teach the young ones for a few more weeks until they reach independence in the fall. That’s when the adults can finally rest and prepare to start all over again next spring.

Also, here is some information from Anna Taaffe, Boise Falcon Watch Team Leader about the IBeam camera situation.

I keep getting questions about the I Beam camera that is normally facing the falcons. It’s not their job to give views of things that are no longer relevant to their own projects. One Cap is no longer relevant to them, so, no more camera there. Just be grateful we had it at all.


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