Boise Falcons Fledge!

At 0720 this morning, Robin and I received a phone call that at least two of the Boise eyasses had fledged safely. That was good to hear and we rode our bikes downtown, while a visiting friend, MissJam, followed us in her car. There was at least one Fledge Watcher on the scene since 0530 because fledging has been anticipated for the past several days. The little guy pictured here is exercising his wings after taking The Leap from the 14th floor to about this 4th floor level on top of the Rambo Jeweler building. The two that made the leap, survived fine and are under the watchful eyes of the parents. Not a good time to be on the top of the Simplot Building. The Mom this year is one Huge falcon! Anyway, do enjoy these photos and maybe we’ll see you downtown. Keep Looking Up!

Photo: Carmel Crock

When the two fledged, the male went to this trailer. Carmel caught him in the act of exploring a new surface. Thanks for sharing, Carmel.

Some of the Boise Fledge Watch Team. There were about 10 of us there this morning walking all around Boise watching the falcons.

More of the team.

This male fledgling seemed to pose for the photos.

There were House Sparrows all around him and as he moved closer – they do make a good Peregrine lunch – they hopped just out of range. Then they flew by and he watched as they passed him. That will not happen too much longer. Some of these photos really show his talons.

Wing check!

“Maybe if I run and flap my wings I can fly!”

Look at that face and the facial markings. Remember those features.

This was taken just below him from the street level.

Wonderful features.



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