Hot and Smokin’

July 12, 2012 8:30 pm –                                                                                       102 F Air quality Orange
We took a drive around downtown after attending a great event for Cherie Buckner-Webb. We observed from the roof-top of the Capitol garage, because the Eastman garage was closed for cleaning – power washing. Saw Dad fly off towards the NE. One Ledgling sighted standing in front of the nest box, another on the NW side of this breezeway and this third was further to the South of the East wall of the building.
On I-Beam shortly after returning home, I captured the view above. Really close to the edge of the ledge, I wonder if there is a relatively cool updraft? Occasionally spreading wings and hanging out over the side of the ledge, fledge is certain to be soon. I want to go downtown when it is cooler, before sun-up Friday the 13th – it may be the day – hoping it is a lucky day!
Keep looking up!


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