16 July – Boise Falcons

I arrived at my post this morning at about 0700. A cool and overcast morning with a light – very light – rain falling. Very light winds, too. I could hear the falcons calling and located them as the following photos show. (Sounds like the opening of a Peter Gunn episode! It could be.) The little hawk pictured here is a rescued Sharp-shinned Hawk that will be trained by Monica – one member of the Fledge Watch Team and a Falconer – for hunting. He is becoming imprinted and will allow you to “pet” him. The people who were passing us on their way to work, were amazed and really glad to be able to see a hawk so close. Do enjoy the following photos I took this morning. Cheers and Keep Looking Up! And just as a side note, it is great to see that we have 103,000 plus hits on this site. Good to see that curiosity abounds and interest in the site continues. I suppose that’s why we are here. We are so glad that you enjoy the blog. Thanks! Sorry to hear, though, that Salt Lake City has lost one of their juveniles and another has been “decommissioned”, as such, but that this bird will eventually be set free. The bird evidently has flying problems.

Monica’s Sharp-shinned Hawk chick.

Mom on the SW corner of the Banner Bank. A favorite place for her.

Dad has taken up position on the SW corner of the Key Bank.

The 3 juvenile peregrines on the roof of the Wells Fargo bank building.

Two juveniles on the Wells Fargo bank.

One of the juveniles flies off of the Wells Fargo bank roof.

And then we had a visit from our resident Swainson’s Hawk. He was flying very high and to the west of downtown and our peregrines. I wonder if this is one of the Swainson’s that was flying over our house a week ago. 


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