Boise Falcons – Field Report

All of the Boise falcons seem to be doing well. The fledglings are starting to fly very high and very strong, considering that they left the “nest” three to four days ago. Yesterday it was reported by the Fledge Watch Team that the three juveniles were flying together, very high and heading to the foothills – North of Boise – where the observers lost sight of them. This morning, I saw one flying very high and fast and also headed North to the foothills. The falcon flew right over the female, who was sitting on the Banner Bank – pictured here, and neither of them communicated – no cacking. I never saw the fledgling veer from his northerly flight path. As I was leaving, two of the falcons were flying just over the roof tops and headed generally South. It looked like two juveniles, but I was in traffic and they were fast. Note: I was asked this morning where most of the readers of this blog are located. It appears that the hits are coming generally from the North America, but many too are from Europe and some scattered hits from South America, India, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands (that’s a surprise) and some of the Arabic nations. An interesting, but not surprising, demographic. Keep Looking Up!

The falcons seem to be using the Key Bank Gold Roof for more of their “quiet” times than last year. It appears that they are eating up there.

On Key Bank.

One of the fledglings flying high overhead in a Northerly direction and very fast.


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