Boise Falcons – 18 July Report

Check this canopy out! Great for a hot and sunny day while watching the falcons in Boise. And this would not have been possible without the help of Deah LaFollette of Capital City Development Corp who lead me to Troy Harris who is the General Manager of Downtown Public Parking System. Troy gave us permission to use the canopy on the top floor of the Eastman Parking Garage. The canopy is very portable and somewhat easy to setup and take down. We sincerely thank Troy and Deah for their help. Here Ryan and Robin are watching the falcons while staying cool. Also, there is a good article on the fledging of the Boise falcons on the KTVB television site. (Click Here)   Here is what else happened today. The falcons were quite active. Keep Looking Up!

Hot air balloons west of Boise spotted from the top of the Eastman Parking Garage.

Fledgling high flights.

Wonderful fly-bys in the early morning sun!

Two of the juvenile on the Banner Bank building.

Juvenile overhead!

The juveniles were on the Wells Fargo building, when either someone or something got too close to them. The adults came flying in from somewhere and they were not happy. Here are some photos of the adults protecting their younguns’.

Watching something below.


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