Boise Falcons – 19 July Report

0600 came really early this morning. Slight overcast, but, as Margaret pointed out, a beautiful sunrise with the capitol silhouetted against the morning sky. She was right – Beautiful! So I quickly snapped this photo.

As for the Boise falcons, I think they were sleeping in. They were generally very quiet. But when they were flying, they really looked awesome. Strong flights with good landings. They look well fed and healthy. And just think, they have not been flying but 6 days as of today. Personally, I think that is amazing. Enjoy these photos and by all means, Keep Looking Up!

Eating on top of the Cap One Building. The window washers were working on the Wells Fargo building.

Dad does a fly-by.

One of the juveniles does a fly-by. Beautiful!

An inquisitive juvenile watches us.

Here are the juveniles on the Key Bank.

Juvenile on the Key Bank roof.

The adult female.

One beautiful falcon!


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