Backyard Osprey – Corrected To Backyard Swainson’s Hawk

NOTE: I asked for help in ID’ing this hawk and there were several replies. Consensus is an Immature Swainson’s Hawk. We have seen two other Swainson’s Hawks in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. (See Red-Tailed Hawks High Overhead on this blog.) Thanks to all who replied. See the comments.

I had just returned from the Capitol City Market and I was talking to Robin about my “finds” – Fresh Rye bread from Cafe de Paris and 20 lbs of fresh cabbage for kraut and our weekly allowance of fresh, large eggs – when I noticed something very large landing in a tree about 100 feet from us! Time for the camera. This an Immature Swainson’s Hawk that landed in the Elm tree. Enjoy!

He just looks so proud and stately!

He only perched there for about 5 minutes. And then he left. Look at those talons.



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