Boise Falcons – Update 28 July

This just in from our Leader. The season is drawing down.

Somehow, the birds are doing splendidly in this horrid heat wave. We still have a full count. As most of you already know, we only had 1 ‘rescue’ – so much for drama. However, it’s been a rough season for us humans. I pulled afternoon shifts by the 2nd week (‘cept for some kind souls who wanted’em), and whittled down over-hot PMs to a skeleton crew. Thanks to those of you who have braved this cruel climate in the service of this study. Some of you have been out there quite a bit.

This coming week is still largely wide open, so, come one, come all! It’s our last shot at raising vital $$$ for this project (log ANY time spent on PEFA doings), and yours for viewing these unusually talented kids before they get serious about dispersal. Owing to the severe heat, PM shifts start later, more like mid-evening, making it a very short shift. AM’s remain much the same as they have been, but finishing by 11AM at the latest now. Just tell me when you want to/can be down there (10th and Idaho), and I’ll get this week lined up. So, talk to me. This terminal week should be a relaxing one – pretty much social time down there. Sign up, sign up, sign up! Project ends officially 3rd Aug.

So there you are. Some of us will not be changing our schedule this week, me for one. Now is the time to come down and try to see these beautiful birds before they leave the area – disperse. But, there is always a chance that they will stay in the area as there is plenty of resource for them. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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