Boise Falcons – 1 August Report

6:30 am in downtown Boise on the first of August can be slightly early to see any falcons flying. They are still sleeping as the sun is just coming up. Here is the Idaho State Capitol bathed in the morning mist and sun. Note: The light on the juvenile of the side of the Banner Bank enhances the brown color more than a white color. Looks to me to be a juvenile. Not right breast color for an adult.

Not a lot going on with the falcons. They were pretty quiet, except one of the juveniles did make a kill! I at least got to see the result as he brought it back to his perch. There is a lot of commotion in downtown Boise now. Heavy construction, window washers all over the taller buildings and the falcon’s normal perches, jack hammers disturbing the morning peacefulness. Very busy! So the birds seem to like to just sit and watch … not much flying. Enjoy these photos and Keep Looking Up!

Many thanks have to go out to the Staff at John Berryhill’s Bacon. These folks were so very kind, inquisitive about the falcons and generally terrific! Please visit them when you are downtown.

I was at the Idanha Parking Lot at 10th and Idaho, when I noticed one of the falcons flying to the west. He looked determined. This individual looks mostly like a juvenile – the colors.

At the time that I first spotted him, I could not tell if it were an adult or a juvenile. Then he came flying back carrying a large payload. Another Boise pigeon has expired.

The juvenile had to make two attempts for a landing because of the weight, but he finally made it. Notice the mantling position – protecting his prey. Pigeon feathers were floating down when the falcon brought his prey home. He was flying fast about 4 floors above the street. The feathers of the pigeon looked like confetti.  People on the street were amazed at how quickly this all took place.

Juvenile on the NW corner of the Banner Bank.

An English Sparrow on the roof of the Eastman Parking Garage. Peregrine snack food.

A Starling on the Eastman.

Juvenile on the NE corner of the Banner Bank.

An awesome photo of this juvenile on the NE corner of the Banner Bank.!


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