Boise Falcons – 02 August Report

“The time has come,” the Walrus said. This was my last shift for this season and all shifts for the Boise Fledge Watch Team end tomorrow, Friday. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. And breakfast does come every fifteen minutes! It has been a fast season, considering the falcons were slow in reproducing. All three of the offspring, seem to be doing extremely well and at least one of them has made a “kill” – secured their own food. They have very good flying skills and they are landing well. All great positive signs in their development. Do you remember when these three were just little “fluff balls”? Seems like just yesterday. So long, Little Ones, hope to see you in Boise again! Enjoy these photos. And yes, Keep Looking Up! You still may see one or two or ….. Cheers!

On the western ledge of the Key Bank.

On the Key Bank gold roof. The juveniles spent a lot of time “pancaked” here.

Have a safe journey!


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