Boise Peregrines Are Up, Up and Away!

Here is a re-post – mostly – from the Urbanperegrines blog site. Thanks Anna.

It is a pleasure to report that Boise has had our third straight year of 100% brood survival success. Three strapping brownies are still zipping around the area, hale and hearty, occasionally dropping a hapless pigeon hunting experiment onto Boise’s downtown streets. This debut brood, from the new set of very young parents, has been a markedly strong one since their initial flights from their home on One Cap. This despite a lack of coddling on the part of their parents, extreme heat, and much smoke from wildfires settling upon their territory. We have striven to safely usher them into independent lives as much as we could, which proved easier this year than the previous two, owing in part to the remarkable precociousness of these fledges. I am still amazed that we only had one rescue event this season, and even that one was easy as rescues go. The result is another season with a happy ending. My intern, Ryan Carpenter, was an immeasurable help to me as we generally kept well behind the scene, keeping things running as smoothly as possible. I also happily inherited another intern ( and her mom!) toward the tail end of the project, who was terrific, and shows much promise. They pulled very long shifts in severe heat, did great jobs, and deserve much gratitude. Also deserving of our boundless appreciation are the hardy staff of trusty IDFG volunteers, and Master Naturalists, who also put in many hours in terrible weather, always done cheerfully despite such unusually harsh conditions. Bob and Robin Young have been generous again with their time, and sharing fotos. Heather Biggs, of the JUMP project, and Katina Dutton of CCDC, were solidly professional, and truly kind, regarding their respective construction/urban renewal sites around One Cap, and goings-on at One Cap itself. The trio of guys at One Cap that I always rely on – Coby, Steve, and Thinh – were as great as ever. Nearby businesses that hosted our posters, and staff, were the ultimate good neighbours – these include a shoe repair shop, the Alaska Building, several restaurants and coffee houses, hotels, a hiking-oriented store, and an indie book shop. This project was made possible by passionate people at IDFG, as we try to move forward with rebuilding the peregrine population in Idaho, and The Peregrine Fund, who help in too many ways to cite here. Lastly, none of this would have happened at all but for the mighty Bruce Haak, and his original gang, getting a base of peregrine falcons set up here some years ago. Thanks to them, look at us now. And, thank you out there. Stay tuned.

Those early years of getting this program setup and getting a base Peregrine Falcon population established, were fantastic. Exciting times, as I recall. You can still see a hack box that is no longer used, on the NW corner of the Key Bank Building.

Also, we want to thank Troy Harris, General Manager of the Downtown Parking for allowing us to erect a shelter from the heat and sun on the top of the Eastman Parking Garage. We did not erect the portable structure very often, but when we did, it was definitely needed. Thank-You Troy. I would also be remiss if I did not thank the staff at John Berryhill’s Bacon. These folks were absolutely gracious with our many meanderings into the business and setting up the laptop for IBeam camera observations. Their coffee and breakfasts were great. Thanks, to all the staff. And as Anna said, Stay Tuned and as I always say, Keep Looking Up!


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