Latest News From The Peregrine Fund

We are happy to report that all three wild Peregrine Falcons that hatched in a nest in downtown Boise successfully fledged this year. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s fledge-watching team, which recently disbanded for the season, reports that the young birds were vigorous and strong in July and August, despite the challenges of exceptional heat, thick smoke from wildfires, and a rather hands-off parenting style by the parents. Soon the young birds will disperse to eventually set up territories and raise families of their own.

Many volunteers participated in the fledge-watch effort, spending hours in the sweltering heat to follow the birds’ movements and monitor their safety. Team leader Anna Ravegum Taaffe and her assistant, Ryan Carpenter, had to rescue a fledgling only once this year. That’s quite an improvement, compared with previous years.

Thank you for your interest in our falconcam. The webcam is now offline until next spring, but we hope you will enjoy this slideshow featuring images of the fledglings supplied by local photographers. (See the link in the sidebar)

We also are grateful to the fledge-watch volunteers, downtown businesses, and our partners … for another successful year with the Peregrine Falcons in downtown Boise.


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