Boise Fledge Watch Team Potluck

The Boise Fledge Watch Team had a wonderful potluck thank-you dinner at the MK Nature Center in Boise on September 13.  It was a Mexican theme and the variety of foods was amazing and delicious. Each participant was given a certificate, as posted here, and a hand drawn, frameable Peregrine Falcon posture that is amazing. These gifts were given by the IDF&G.
Here is how Robin described the evening. “We had a fun fiesta pot-luck at MK center IF&G. Honoring the 480 hours the Boise Peregrine Falcon Fledge Watch volunteers worked to protect the young fledglings; only one rescue this summer. Gifted with very nice Peregrine Falcon posters for framing and individual certificates for participating as citizen/scientists. Looks like a successful year for the clutch of three. One bird is still hanging around downtown. Observed yesterday about noon on top of the nesting box – possibly eating lunch. We enjoyed socializing, proposing ideas for next year and watched a slide show of this year’s Boise falcon family.”
Enjoy the rest of these photos – Left Click to see a larger view – and Keep Looking Up!  One of the falcons was seen on the hack box Wednesday afternoon, so they are still around.

Mexican wines that were enjoyed by all who wanted to try some.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers that we brought to share.

A plated selection of the delicious food that was brought. It was delightful.


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