Backyard Feeder Watch – 26 Oct

Cool and overcast day. Temperature at 49 degrees with a wind chill of 41 degrees. A hawk is flying around the neighborhood and keeps the Finches and the Siskins alert. They vacated the area for about 20 minutes at one time this morning as the raptor made a pass down the alley. I think it was our Coopers Hawk, but he was moving pretty fast. Robin did see a Downy Woodpecker this past week, so I decided to put out some suet with peanut butter on it. Do enjoy these photos and Keep Looking Up! With the change of seasons, comes a change in the backyard birds. Oh yes. Two Mountain Lions are prowling the area about 2 miles from here along the river. A large dog and one of the Puma met this past week in someone’s backyard. The dog is OK but you can see where the lion clawed him. The dog is lucky. Wonder what the lion looks like? The dog was Mastif sized. If you see the Mountain Lion, Stay Away!! Notify Boise PD or Fish and Game immediately. Don’t forget to look at these enlarged by Left-Clicking the photo.

Finches at the Sunflower feeder

Finches and Siskins at one of the seed feeders.

Oregon Junco on the fence.

Squirrel “spooking” a Finch. A ghostly image!


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