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11Dec2012_1c_Backyard-Hawk_Merlin-Back-ViewI was wondering today why the English Sparrows and the Oregon Junkos were staying away from our feeders. We usually have many, many feeding. Today, very few. But then I look in the top of one of our Russian Olive trees – the birds usually like to be in these trees as they have large spikes and the olives are good – and I see our neighborhood immature Sharp-Shinned hawk. Most times we have a Coopers Hawk or sometimes a Merlin. But on occasion, we have this immature (eyes are yellow and not turned red yet and the tail is not the right shape – it is square.) Sharp-Shinned hawk. I think I got some good photos of him this year. What do you think? Here are some more photos of the hawk.


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  1. I was SO excited to see a Sharp Shinned Hawk sitting on my back-yard fence earlier today. I came to your blog first to try to identify the hawk. I know of your blog from watching the falcon-cam in down town Boise. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos through your blog :o)


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