Idaho “Pledge to Fledge” Event

Great Horned Owl at the Boise Fairgrounds

Great Horned Owl at the Boise Fairgrounds

The Idaho “Pledge to Fledge” Event is coming in April. As I promised to keep everyone informed as I receive information, here is another post on the topic. Enjoy and hope to see you at the event. From Roberto Martinez,

Idaho Pledge to Fledge Event – Saturday, April 27th, 2013

We are organizing a big birding event in Boise for Saturday, April 27th as part of the international Pledge to Fledge global initiative. It will be like a one day mini-bird festival. The City of Boise has offered us a spectacular venue, Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, one of Boise’s newest parks and one of my favorite birding patches. The main purpose of Pledge to Fledge and this event is simply to introduce people to the beautiful birds all around us. There is no financial pledging involved, but rather an invitation to those already interested in birds to “pledge” to introduce their friends and family to the wonderful world of birding and thereby help them to “fledge” into bird enthusiasts themselves.

Because birds are an indicator species of the health of the ecosystem, we know that the more people care about birds, the more they will care about conservation, and the creation and preservation of cool natural places like the Hyatt wetlands. It’s also about getting people outside to enjoy nature.”

For more information and a more detailed explanation of the event, Click Here.

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