The GBBC is Halfway

2013-GBBC-Logo_JPGThe Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is halfway through an amazing wekend of counting the birds in your backyard or neighborhood or just about any place. We have been counting in our backyard. I just received this report from the GBBC at Cornell. Looks like there have been some really busy folks!

GBBC Soars Around the World
We’re a little more than halfway through one of the biggest bird counts in the world, and we’re seeing great participation from the U.S. and Canada as well as from far-flung regions of the world. Thanks to everyone who has been counting with us—please keep the checklists coming!

Halftime Results:

Number of Countries Reporting Checklists: 75

Top 5 Countries with the Most Checklists Reported:
United States (28,949)
Canada (2,620)
India (131)
Mexico (81)
Australia (50)

Top 10 Countries with the Most Species Reported:
United States (609—approaching last year’s U.S./Canada total of 623!)
Mexico (443)
India (340)
Australia (253)
Panama (241)
Canada (229)
Costa Rica (187)
Belize (123)
Colombia (117)
Great Britain (117)

Top Species Reported by the Most Countries:
House Sparrow—31 (All continents but Africa and Antarctica)
Rock Pigeon (26)
Great Egret (20)
Cattle Egret (17)
European Starling (17)
Eurasian Blackbird (15)
Great Cormorant (15)
Black Vulture (14)
Great Tit (14)
Turkey Vulture (14)
Eurasian Collared-Dove (13)
Gray Heron (13)
Great Kiskadee (13)
Mallard (13)

Species with the Most Individual Birds Reported:
Snow Goose (4,224,536)

Top 5 Birds Reported on the Most Checklists:
Northern Cardinal (14,060)
Mourning Dove (12,282)
Dark-eyed Junco (12,057)
Downy Woodpecker (10,043)
House Finch (9,504)

For latest results please visit

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