Boise Downtown Peregrine Falcons




Here is the latest update from the Peregrine Fund on the Boise Downtown Peregrine Falcons. They are really doing fine. Enjoy! and Keep Looking Up!

“Courtship between adult Peregrine Falcons is a fascinating process. You may see the birds engaged in a variety of courtship behaviors in and around the nest, including

• Spectacular aerial displays
• Loud calls and quiet “e-chups” to each other
• Bowing their heads to each other
• Food exchanges

They also are working on a scrape, the shallow depression in the gravel where eggs will be laid. You may see one of birds lie down and kick out gravel with its legs. Based on past experience, the first egg will appear in April, but only the birds know precisely what day that will be.

Because these are wild falcons, we do not try to determine their identity from year to year nor do we give them names. We cannot say with certainty whether either of these birds nested here last year, but it is very likely at least one, if not both, did.”

For those of you on the Fledge Watch Team, I have heard nothing so far from the Idaho Fish and Game on this year’s watch events. As soo as I do, I will let you know. But in the meantime, keep watching and be aware of the falcon’s movements and where they are starting to perch. Cheers!


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