Boise Falcon News


At about 10:34 am this morning, Robin was monitoring the Boise Downtown falcons. One of the falcons, the female, was in the nest. Robin noted that on her right leg was a Silver band. I think this is the first observation this season of a band on one of the birds. At the very least, it is the first publicized observation. It would be nice in the chat column of the Falcon-Cam, that special observations like this could be recorded. Also, I have suggested to the Peregrine Fund that they change the wording of “saw a peregrine vocalizing” to “heard a peregrine vocalizing”. It is difficult to see a vocalization, but easy to hear one. Just a suggestion.

Being the first year for the ability of the observers to record their observations, I suppose there will be several suggestions. It is good, however, that there is a way to to log our observations online and in real time. That is a great addition to the site. Also, I would love to be able to do a screen capture and post on this blog, an event such as this, but because the images are copyrighted as I was told by the Fiberpipe people, it is not possible. Nonetheless, a great observation by Robin! Keep Looking Up!


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