Camas Prairie Marsh WMA Field Trip



I just received this from Kathleen Cameron about re-placing the bluebird boxes in the Camas Prairie Marsh WMA on Saturday, April 6. This should be a fun time and a great time to meet some new birders and to see the marsh. Enjoy!

“Last fall I posted here on IBLE about the destruction and general deterioration of the Bluebird Boxes at Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh and asked if anyone wanted to work toward replacing these boxes. My inquiry has resulted in the generous response of several Idaho birders building boxes and or supplying funding for the materials.

Next weekend on April 6th some of the nest box builders and many Wood River Valley birders will be meeting at the marsh to remove the old boxes, install the new ones, establishing a formal bluebird trail, and to bird of course.
Anyone that would like to join the party is welcome to come. We will be meeting at the center of the marsh where the picnic area and restroom facility are located between 8 and 8:30 a.m. Our plan is to bird together for an hour or so, then do the nest box work, eat the lunches that we have each brought, finish up the work and then bird and depart.

Box builders should bring ample long wood screws, cordless drills and bits if you have them, hammers for removing old boxes or small crow bars. I will be bringing several drills and bit kits.Anyone coming is welcome to bring drills,bits, hammers etc. Fish and Game officer Terry Gregory is aware that we are coming to do this work.

The marsh is located off of highway 20 near the town of Fairfield, Idaho. The east entrance is, 8.7 miles west of Fairfield on US 20, look for the WMA signs near Wolf Lane (900 W) turn left onto Wolf Lane to sign indicating a right turn toward the marsh on 500 S to the marsh.

The west entrance coming from Boise/Mt. Home: take the I 84 Exit #95; US 20 NE toward Fairfield for 45 miles to Hill City; watch for WMA sign and turn right (S) onto Swamp Road, go 4 miles to the T intersection (Stokes Rd); left (E) and go until the road curves N then left onto a road into the center of the marsh to the meeting point. The roads are all open, the marsh is full of water and Terry reports that because of the early melt, he has been seeing 100’s of swans and thousands of pintails. We have 20 boxes to install and if there is anyone that wants to build some more this coming week to contribute we would love it!

We hope to see as many of you as possible, if you have any questions please email me.

Kathleen Cameron
Bellevue, Idaho”

And if any of you are puzzled about the Boise Falcon-Cam not working, the system went down yesterday and I do not know when it will be back online. But, you can always go downtown and watch the falcons “live”. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!


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