Peregrine Brooding Info



The Peregrine Fund in Boise posted this information about the brooding habits of the downtown Peregrine Falcons. Interesting. Please cast your VOTE above. Thanks.

With a body temperature of 104 degrees F, the adults are able to keep the eggs warm even in cold spring weather. During incubation, a “brood patch” develops on the chests of the adults. This bare spot keeps the eggs in close contact with the parents’ bodies for maximum heat.

The patch remains for up to two weeks after the eggs hatch because new chicks are unable to regulate their own body temperatures for that long and continue to depend on their parents for warmth. The brood patch fades and feathers fill back in as the youngsters grow older.

And please don’t forget the Boise Bird Festival on Saturday, April 27 from 9 – 2 at Avimore.


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