Lastest Update on the Boise Falcons






Here is the latest, and some very interesting information, from the Peregrine Fund about the Boise downtown Peregrine Falcons. They looked good this morning – one of the adults appeared to be “talking” to one of the eggs. The eggs were laid April 1, 4, 6 and 8, one egg each day. You can go directly to the Boise Downtown Falcon Cam by scrolling down the sidebar and looking for the Peregrine fund Camera. Enjoy and Keep Looking Up! Please cast your VOTE above. Thanks!






Hatching will be exhausting work for the tiny chicks, but they are developing biological tools especially for this purpose. An egg tooth is forming on the top of their beaks. When they are ready to emerge, the chicks will use this sharp structure to pierce the inside membrane and the shell. This small hole will allow oxygen to flow into the egg and fill their lungs. This stage of hatching is called “pipping.”

The adults know that pipping is about to begin when they hear the chicks vocalizing from inside the eggs.

The chicks also are developing a large muscle in the back of their necks, called a pipping muscle, which gives them the strength to chip their way out. Usually, hatching begins about 48 hours after pipping. The chicks will punch a dime-sized hole in the shell and then use their egg tooth to cut the top off the shell. A few days later, the chick’s egg tooth will fall off and the pipping muscle will disappear.


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