Boise Downtown Peregrine Update



The Boise downtown Peregrine Falcons are doing quite well, even in this heat – 93 degrees right now. I received this official update from the Peregrine Fund. Hope this helps to keep everyone informed. I am, however, very sorrfy to see that there are those who evidently abused the Falcon Cam site and, therefore, the Peregrine Fund has stopped using names on the “chat line”. )-: “The screen name feature has been removed due to abuse.” Here is what the Peregrine Fund said about the newborns. Keep Looking Up!

“It was a busy Mother’s Day for the female Peregrine Falcon! She had three new chicks in the nest on Sunday and gained another one on Monday.

Both the male and female will brood the four chicks for about 10 days, depending on the weather. The young birds are not yet capable of regulating their own body temperatures, so they need to sit under the adults for warmth. The young ones also can huddle together to keep warm.

The empty shells visible in the nest today will be blown out of the nest or removed by the adults along with feathers, bones, and other litter.” [The Peregrine Fund]


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