Boise Peregrine Falcon Hatching Sequence


I just received this information from the Peregrine Fund about the use of the egg yolk by the chicks during the hatching process. For those of you who do not like me posting this information, then my suggestion is that you not follow nor subscribe nor read this blog. The choice is yours and I am truly sorry that you are so narrow minded. There are those who do not subscribe to the Peregrine Fund newsletter via email and those people like these updates.
For those who appreciate the information and these updates, here is the latest. Keep Looking Up!

“The yolk inside the egg, which nourished the embryos during incubation, was absorbed into the body cavity of the chicks immediately prior to hatching. Although the yolk keeps the chicks well-nourished for a few days, their begging instinct kicks in right away. The adults have been feeding them bits of food by tearing off small chunks of meat and delicately placing them in the chicks’ beaks.

From our experience of successfully raising thousands of falcons in captivity in the last 40 years, we know that a begging chick is not necessarily a hungry chick. The adult birds know exactly how much food each chick requires. As effective as The Peregrine Fund is at feeding chicks, we know we will never do it as well as the natural parents.”

[The Peregrine Fund]

The parents of the four chicks are providing well for the eyasses and they grow stronger every day. Cheers!


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