Feeding the Eyasses







Here is an update from the Peregrine Fund on the feeding habits of the downtown falcons. And interesting read. Look for fledging on or about July 6, or at least that week. I am starting to gather a list of interested people to help with the Fledge Watch Team again this year. We had a good meeting with the IDF&G Biologist, Bill Bosworth, yesterday. This will be an interesting season. Enjoy this article. Cheers and Keep Looking Up!



Many viewers were understandably concerned last week that one of the chicks, probably the one that hatched last, was not able to compete well for food. But it is stronger now and has joined the feeding frenzy. Remember that not every chick needs precisely the same amount of food at every meal. If a chick misses out at one feeding, it will likely be at the head of the chow line for the next one.

The rate at which these birds will grow during the 45-day period from hatching to fledging never fails to impress. Chicks weigh a mere 1½ ounces (40 grams) when they emerge from their shells, yet they will be full-grown when they leave the nest. By the time they fledge, these little fluff balls will be 18 inches tall and have a wingspan of more than 3 feet!

Male falcons will grow up to be smaller than females, weighing about 21 ounces (600 grams) at fledging. Females will weigh about 35 ounces (1,000 grams). The males’ small size means they will develop faster and often leave the nest sooner than their bigger sisters.” [The Peregrine Fund]


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