Peregrine Falcon Loss In Newark, DE

Boise Falcons - 02 August Report



Here is a great article that Robin found on the loss of a Peregrine Falcon in Newark, De. The article is published in the Post Online, Newark, DE.

“Tri-State Bird Rescue lost one of its treasured flock when Ishta Tanka, a peregrine falcon, died after a routine surgery at age 18 late last month.
Sallie Welte, clinic director for the Possum Hollow Road facility, said Ishta Tanka seemed to know it was his time to go.
“It’s almost as if, the expression is, your heart didn’t give out, it’s given enough,” Welte said.
Ishta Tanka, which means “dark eyes” in Lakota Sioux dialect, arrived at the center in 1997 after being hit by a car in Claymont. Welte said that although the two-year-old falcon recovered, he did not have full motion in his wing and thus could not be released back into the wild.”

The rest of this interesting article can be found at Tri-State Bird Rescue mourns beloved peregrine falcon. As a note, I saw one of our eyasses on the concrete ledge yesterday. This morning I see one in the box, but hear the others on the ledge. They are out of camera range.


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