Another Rescue of the Boise Eyasses



The Peregrine Fund reported this morning that the Idaho Fish and Game had to do another rescue of one of the falcons. Here is their report. Keep Looking Up!

More rescues! Fish and Game has come to the aid so far of three of the four chicks and taken them to the roof of the building on which the nest box is located. On Tuesday evening, building staff alerted Fish and Game about a chick on the ground about the same time that a strong wind and dust storm swept through the area. The male was taken up to the roof to join his brother, which had been placed there earlier that morning.

On Wednesday morning, a chick was spotted in the building’s parking lot and Fish and Game was once again called to the scene. This time, it was a female. There was blustery wind and rain in the morning, so perhaps weather was again a factor. Or maybe she was just anxious to try her wings. Meantime, the adults are flying and vocalizing loudly overhead, keeping a sharp eye on all the activity.”

And as a note, five of the six Boise falcons have been spotted via IBeam this morning. I may take a trip to downtown within the hour.


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