Boise Falcons – New Info From IDF&G

Four of the falcons perched on the NE corner of the One Cap Center in Boise.

Four of the falcons perched on the NE corner of the One Cap Center in Boise.

This photo was taken on 21 June 2013 and shows four falcons. Now whether or not these are 4 eyasses, I can not tell. But here is a communication from Bill Bosworth, IDF&G Biologist, that I received today. He states that fledge needs to be confirmed. A conclusive photo of a juvenile perched somewhere else but One Cap Building would be great. Or even flying.

Hello everyone,
I learned late last week that we had a fourth rescue of a young bird Thursday morning. Like the others, this one was put up on the roof. This bird was not banded at the time of capture, and since we had 1 unbanded bird on the ledge and one on the roof without a band, I cannot be certain if it was the holdout from the ledge or one of the roof trio. Although I do not know for sure, my guess is that it was the last chick from the ledge and that all 4 chicks were put on the roof. Perhaps one of you has additional information to confirm that 4 chicks were on spotted on the roof.

It also sounds as if some of the chicks may have fledged this weekend. This is something else that still seems unconfirmed, so if you have any information to share, I am very interested to hear it.


If you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated. As I stated before, the sharing of conclusive information and/or photographs is essential in the positive conclusion of this project. Keep Looking Up!


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