Trapped Fledgling Rescued!


This is just in from the Peregrine Fund. Thanks for the update.

Fish and Game rescued one of the male chicks today after it became stuck behind a structure on the roof of the Banner Bank building, located two blocks north of the nest box. Thanks goes to the maintenance man who regularly checks the roof after a fledgling got caught in that same spot a couple of years ago. The chick was returned to the roof of One Capital Center after being fitted with a band, so now all of them have an identification number. The count is now official: three males, one female.

It appears that all four chicks have fledged, Fish and Game reports. Observers have seen the juveniles flying around One Capital Center and elsewhere in downtown Boise. The parents will continue to feed them for several weeks until the young are proficient at flying and hunting and can survive on their own.

Interesting and great information. Glad to hear that all of the fledglings have been banded and the sex of each fledgling is now known. I wonder if this is one of the birds I saw flying around Banner Bank early this afternoon. Keep Looking Up!


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