Two New Additions To Boise Falcon Family

Yup! That’s right! We now have two of the eggs that have hatched! And all looks well. In this photo, you can see one of the opened eggs. It is cold today and windy, so a screen shot of the new eyasses (“… A nestling hawk or falcon,”, The Free Dictionary) (chicks), might not happen, yet.


(Photo Credit and Used By Permission: The Peregrine Fund, Idaho Department of Fish and Game and Fiberpipe Data Centers)

From the Peregrine fund,

May 5, 3:00 p.m.
The first young Peregrine Falcon has just hatched in downtown Boise! We also saw a second egg that has pipped, which means that it should be hatching soon as well. Pipping is the first stage of the actual hatching process.
The first egg was laid on March 26th and the fourth and final egg was laid on April 2nd when incubation began in full earnest. If all of the eggs were fertile they should hatch within the next day or so.

The second egg hatched sometime early this morning. From the Peregrine Fund Web Cam observations,

May 6 at 6:55:55 AM:
A viewer saw 2 chicks in the nest.

Keep Looking Up! There will be about 6 falcons flying over the skies of Boise soon!


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