Important Message

12Mar2014_1b_Boise-Falcons_First-Spotting-DowntownThe Peregrine Fund had this posted on the camera site. Please keep these phone numbers in case you find or see a “downed” falcon. Fledging could start at any time now. Keep Looking Up!

June 10

The chicks are out on the ledge almost exclusively now as they prepare to take their first flights, which should begin next week. Fledging can be risky for young birds because they are unpracticed in the art of flight and may find themselves in unsafe situations, especially when they land on the ground.

After fledging occurs, authorized personnel should be notified if a chick is injured or in danger. If you encounter a chick on a street or sidewalk, do not attempt to capture or handle it. Instead, call:

Fish and Game at 208-465-8465 (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday)
Idaho State Police at 208-846-7500 (after business hours, weekends and holidays)

Skilled personnel will assess the bird’s condition and return it to One Capital Center where the youngster can resume its journey to independence. The falcon parents will carefully watch the fledging process and provide food for the chicks until they learn to hunt for themselves.


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