Coopers Hawk

Shawn-Carmen_Falcon_Graphic-TitledLast night at about 7:20pm, our neighbor Becca called and said that she was out in her backyard, went inside for something and returned to her back yard. She said that “…this bird” was where she was working and that it had not been there before. She brought it to me.
I believe it is a Coopers Hawk. We have had one, or several, in the neighborhood for several years now. I hope this is not one of them. There are no visible trauma marks on the hawk and no signs of anything broken. Here are some post-mortem photos of the hawk. Left-Click to see a larger view. If someone from the Idaho Fish and Game, The Peregrine Fund or The Idaho Bird Observatory would like to have it or examine it, I will keep it for a short time. Please contact me.

Frontside view.

Frontside view. Coopers Hawk a neighbor found in her yard. No apparent wounds. Our neighbor called me last night and said she was in her backyard. Went inside. Came back out and saw this bird on the ground. It was not there before. Looks to me like a Coopers Hawk. No intrusive markings or wounds on the body. Neck is broken as if it hit something. No broken windows, “dusted” glass or prey pieces.

Back view.

Back view.


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