house finches

Backyard Feeders Doing Fine



Our backyard feeders are doing their job – keeping us broke in filling with seeds! If you look in the sidebar for the National Bird Feeding Society logo, you can get some good info on backyard feeders. And, for your information, the Boise downtown falcons are doing good. The parents are “talking” to the eggs and rolling them. The signs look good for hatching soon – very soon.
And while we are waiting for the first hatching, we watch our backyard. I have spotted 1 Black-chinned hummingbird, but only one. The Mourning Doves, pictured here, English Sparrows and House Finches are abundant. I even saw a Swainson’s Hawk soaring high over head. Here, take a look. Keep Looking Up and please VOTE above. Cheers! Left-Click to enlarge.

House Finches at one of our feeders.

House Finches at one of our feeders.

House Finch at our "Fountain Bird Bath". It is solar powered.

House Finch at our “Fountain Bird Bath”. It is solar powered.

Swainson's Hawk high overhead .

Swainson’s Hawk high overhead .