Watching the Eyasses From The Falcon Cam

Shawn-Carmen_Falcon_Graphic-TitledWatching the Boise downtown Peregrine Falcon eyasses. By this time, there may be three that have hatched today. I have only seen two, but several reports of watching an egg hatch. And here is the definition of eyas or the plural, eyasses.

Definition of EYAS

: an unfledged bird; specifically : a nestling hawk


Origin of EYAS

Middle English, alteration (by incorrect division of a neias) of neias, from Anglo-French niais taken in the nest, from Vulgar Latin *nidax nestling, from Latin nidus nest — more at nest
First Known Use: 15th century [New Merriam Webster Dictionary]

So while watching on a mobile device, I am also watching for the humming birds and the American Goldfinch at our backyard feeders. Good luck today. I caught a House Finch with an attitude and a beautiful American Goldfinch. Look at these photos – Left-Click to see enlarged – and Keep Looking Up! Cheers and good sightings. Please VOTE above. Thanks.

House Finch with an attitude!

House Finch with an attitude!

Time for some water.

Time for some water. It’s 87 degrees outside.

American Goldfinch landing.

American Goldfinch landing.

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

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